Welcome to Fugly Shoes, a platform for freaking out over footwear. This anonymous community is made by and designed for us common shoe lovers and footwear enthusiasts.

The idea is simple:


Share photos of shoes you think are delightfully fugly


Browse our photo gallery of shoes other people find fabulously fugly


And, of course, vote for your favorites!

Love or hate? Ugly or cool? Who cares! Any footwear can be fugly. Sneakers, boots, loafers, mules, platforms, pumps, stilettos, slippers, sandals, cleats, clogs, moccasins…. you name it. Perhaps even wear it. It’s the interesting—or “interesting”—design that counts.

Diversity is bliss, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

This site was created to be a celebration of uniqueness, sometimes awkwardness and, above all, brave designs that stand out. We are not looking to humiliate or demean anyone or any brand.

We hope those who submit do so in a spirit of good fun and recognition that we are all head over heels about a bit of fugliness in our lives.

We hope you enjoy our site – and maybe even find a new favorite pair of unique shoes!

If you see your shoes, shoe brand/design or yourself on the site, and do not approve, write us at: info@fuglyshoes.com, and the photo will be removed asap. 

With love & loafers,